In the Heart of the City London test shoot

in the Heart
of the City

A Monochrome Test Shoot at Ham Yard Hotel, London


The picturesque landscape of London, with its fusion of historical allure and modern dynamism, serves as an ideal palette for photographers and filmmakers alike. 

One such location that captured our creative attention is the Ham Yard Hotel, near the vibrant Piccadilly Circus.


This blog post invites you on a captivating journey through our recent test shoot at this distinct location, unveiling the behind-the-scenes process, challenges, and the undeniable enchantment we discovered in the city’s core.

  • The Concept:

    Our test shoot was built around a monochrome aesthetic, drawing on the power of simplicity and stark contrast. Monochrome, in its stripped-down beauty, directs the viewer's focus on the subject's essence. With this theme, we aimed to encapsulate the spirit of London's bustling city life, accentuated by the stark midday sunlight and the high contrast cityscape.

  • Location Spotlight: Ham Yard Hotel:

    Among London's myriad of architectures and locales, Ham Yard Hotel emerged as the perfect stage for our test shoot. Close to the bustling Piccadilly Circus, the hotel boasts a unique fusion of modern design features and quintessential British elegance. It provided a magical setting, especially around midday when the sun and the vibrant street life beautifully synchronised with our monochrome concept.

Casting and Crew

  • Model - Modeling Agency

    The magic of our test shoot was brought to life by an exceptional team of professionals. Our stunning model, Britany from Linden Staub London, graced our shoot with her effortless poise and charisma, adding a compelling dimension to our monochrome narrative.

  • The Photographer

    Swain Joshua, our gifted videographer, expertly immortalised each magical moment. His adept eye and professional proficiency helped translate our vision into a captivating reality. Britany's natural beauty was accentuated by minimalist styling and light makeup, which harmonised perfectly with our monochrome theme.

Camera Setup and Execution:

For this test shoot, we primarily utilised a 14mm lens for the ultra-wide shots and an 85mm lens for most of the other captures. The versatility of these lenses allowed us to capture a wide range of perspectives, from sprawling cityscapes to intimate close-ups.

A few of our initial shots were achieved with a 35mm Samyang 1.4mm lens, providing a different depth and perspective.

Operating these lenses

Operating these lenses required precision and understanding of the environment. Our super wide-angle shots with the 14mm lens required particular attention to composition, as they include more of the surrounding environment. The 85mm lens was perfect for isolating Britany against the backdrop of London, while the 35mm offered a balanced field of view, perfect for our mid-range shots.


Armed with our chosen lenses and vision, we embarked on the heart of the shoot. As the midday sun bathed the streets surrounding Ham Yard Hotel, the location transformed into our creative playground, bustling with life and high-contrast scenes. Amid the city’s hustle and bustle, we captured magic — a perfect blend of light and shadow, architecture, and humanity, culminating in our monochrome vision.


This test shoot has reaffirmed that even in the heart of a bustling city like London, beauty and artistry can be found with the right perspective. Our experience at the Ham Yard Hotel exemplifies how the right location, team, concept, and equipment can weave together to produce incredible imagery.

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We invite you to explore the stunning images from our test shoot at Ham Yard Hotel, where Britany’s vivacious presence, Swain Joshua’s exceptional videography, and the pulsating streets of London combined into a monochrome symphony

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