Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Reef Neeman

Behind the Scenes
La Beaute

Captivating Desert Photoshoot with the Celebrity Reef Neeman

Behind the Scenes
La Beaute

Captivating Desert Photoshoot with the Celebrity Reef Neeman


A call that started an unforgettable journey with La Beaute and Reef Neeman

The call came in late in the afternoon, a voice on the other side introducing itself as a representative from La Beaute, one of Israel’s most loved hair care brands. 

They sought my services for a forthcoming advertising photo shoot, with the celebrity model and renowned Israeli actress, Reef Neeman, who has graced our screens with her remarkable performances in Israeli TV series such as Fauda, On the Spectrum, and Shtisel. They desired to present her as the new face of the brand.

Budgeting and Location scouting

After laying out the specifics and discussing the budget with my partners from Ori Amitai Productions, I embarked on the journey of bringing their vision to life. The requirement was to find a surreal location, amidst the uncharted expanse of the desert, with a private pool and a sweeping view of the endless sands. A place that could host a photo shoot and a short film for the new line of products.

Assembling the dream team

Next was assembling the dream team. We roped in Ido Raphael, a celebrity makeup artist known for his ability to create magnificent transformations, and an assistant for photography.

I would handle the photography, a task I was eager to undertake with Reef Neeman as the model. 

We were also joined by a seasoned male model, a figure who would lend a charismatic presence to our shoot. and the anticipation was palpable.

The day of the shoot

we prepared to transport our team from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah. We booked a personal VIP van, stacked with scrumptious food and drink, and an ambiance pulsing with good vibes and lively music. As we drove, the mesmerizing red dunes of Dubai unfurled on either side, setting the tone for the extraordinary adventure that lay ahead.

The Luxurious villa

We arrived to the bright and promising. We initiated our work inside the luxurious villa of the Ritz Carlton, Ras Al Khaimah, an ambiance charged with electric synergy.

Reef Neeman, our star, was an epitome of professionalism, effortlessly adapting to each change of outfits and makeup. Her chemistry with the male model was magnetic, their combined allure bringing each frame to life.

The photoshoot

then transitioned outside, with the majestic desert and serene pool as our backdrop. The sunlight danced on Reef’s hair, the La Beaute’s products glistening with promise, and the picturesque desert crafted the perfect stage.

Time flew in a whirl of flashing lights and shifting sets. As the sun began to set, it painted the desert in hues of gold, signaling the end of our shoot. A sense of shared accomplishment and satisfaction filled the air. We wrapped up, proud and excited, with a series of exceptional photographs and moments captured.

Looking back

Looking back, it was an extraordinary experience. The vibrant journey from Dubai, the team’s synergy, the luxurious Ritz Carlton, Ras Al Khaimah, and Reef’s charisma, all combined to make the shoot a stunning success. La Beaute’s advertising campaign turned out to be as beautiful and sophisticated as we had envisioned. The fond memories from that day in the desert still make me smile. It was indeed a remarkable journey, one filled with excitement, passion, and a spirit of adventure to cherish.

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